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Back in 1958, University of Arts graduate and Graphic Arts Professor Milos Vojnovic, founded V.A.F., the Art Workshop with graphic publication as the company’s primary business. At the time, V.A.F. staff included no more than three people – Prof. Milos, his wife Milica and one of his closest friends.

The Art Workshop was located inside a studio, where Prof. Vojnovic was able to conduct experiments with new forms of printing technology. This has resulted in a fantastic discovery named Aligraphia.

As a young art reproduction technique, Aligraphia has made a remarkable impression within the narrow artists’ society and the relevant fields, quickly growing in popularity.

Not long after, V.A.F. team has expanded their activities to other areas of design. Faced with new challenges, the workshop transformed into a modern advertising agency with the ability to adapt to technological progress requirements and successfully follow industry trends.

However, the cornerstone on which V.A.F. was established remained unaffected – family business with traditional values and progressive goals.

Since 2004, the changes in V.A.F. became more drastic. The young Vojnovic generation has become a part of V.A.F team and dived straight into the family business. Soon, V.A.F. started recruiting the experts from various fields of media & multimedia.

V.A.F. has now evolved to a multimedia business, although still loyal to its graphic arts fundamentals. Analyzing the domestic and international market and understanding their clients’ needs, V.A.F. has launched a number of innovative campaigns closely targeting the consumer market and developing successful position and selling tactics.

At V.A.F, clients come first and we will do everything in our power to ensure your needs are met, provide you with exceptional service and lead you to the best possible end result.

Our journey continues – today, V.A.F. is located in a corporate business office with the latest equipment, where our young and dedicated team still maintains the creative spirit of the artist’s studio.

Our Services:

Various services in the field of UI and UX design, marketing, graphic and web design, programming, 3D modeling, audio and video production.

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